Professional Website Consulting since 2001

Professional Website Consulting since 2001

Our 6 Promises

At the surface, all website consulting companies can look and sound the same. So, we made some bold promises to explain how we think we’re a little different.

#1 : We Will Almost Never Surprise You

We firmly believe in, follow and enforce a 'No Surprise Rule'. It states:

Clients should not be surprised by a deliverable, money owed, the status of work, or overall scope of work.

We’ll leave the surprises to your family on your next birthday.

#2 : Our Interactions Will Be Productive & Action-Oriented

Red Stapler Office Space
No "I believe you have my stapler" or "Did you get the memo?" type of conversations.

Being busy does not necessarily mean we are productive.

Every phone call, meeting, and discussion within our project management tool will be beneficial to getting things done. In fact, we strive to run meetings like Google and Apple so everyone knows their purpose and leaves with action items.

We also put you in direct communication with designers and developers when needed. We feel that in order to have the most productive interactions, you need to collaborate with the people doing the work.

Those bureaucratic systems only slow down getting things DONE.

#3 : We Will Only Use Jargon and Acronyms When Necessary

Talking with us shouldn’t remind you of a cartoon businessperson.

SEO, Interaction Design, UX, Click Through Rate — all critical components to conversion-focused websites. The fine line we walk is knowing when to use this language appropriately.

We will attempt, at every stage of our process, to talk in layman terms. Fancy-schmancy wording only withholds clarity.

a ProtoFuse Proverb

"Quality work doesn’t mean quality service."

– David H. Maister

ProtoFuse Proof

Clear & Concise

Robert S. headshot

ProtoFuse explains the complicated world of SEO in a clear and concise manner.

Rob S.
Uniform Wizard

#4 : We Will Be Honest And Direct, Even In Difficult Conversations

There may be times where we’ll need to shoot straight with you. Our promise is that we’ll tackle these sometimes tough conversations head on.

Being honest with you moves us into resolution faster and alleviates unnecessary worrying and stress. Regardless if the issue is tactical, money or communication — we’re problem solvers. And problem solvers get to the heart of the issue as quickly as possible.

We promise never to avoid issues or serve up — excuse our French — BS.

#5 : We Will Always Strive To Do It Better Next Time

We will chase perfection, and we will chase it relentlessly, knowing all the while we can never attain it. But along the way, we shall catch excellence.Vince Lombardi

The craft of building and marketing websites is constantly evolving.

Web browsers change. Google updates its algorithm 500-600 times a year. New marketing tools and tactics become available, and concepts get introduced (e.g. "Content Shock") that even make us go, “Um, what?”

We don’t have it all figured out and won’t give you the illusion that we do. Our promise to you is that we’ll always dedicate ourselves to learning, experimenting, and applying our website expertise to bettering your website.

#6 : We Will Treat Your Investment As If It Were Our Own

We are grateful for your business. Your belief in ProtoFuse helps us do what we love, meet interesting people and businesses, have fun, and support our families. We do not take your hard earned investment lightly.

A “partnership mentality” isn’t a catch phrase for us in the sales process. It truly speaks to our desire to maximize your investment to the zenith of its potential. Without that desire, we’ll simply fall short in our promise to turn your website into your company’s most valuable and results-driven marketing tool.

a ProtoFuse Proverb

"A problem well-put is half-solved."

– John Dewey

Pro Website Consulting
“The difficulty lies, not in the new ideas, but in escaping from the old ones.” – John Maynard Keynes
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