Professional Website Consulting since 2001

Professional Website Consulting since 2001

One-time Engagements

Have a specific website problem? We’ve seen many over the last 20 years. These budget conscious engagements tackle very specific, yet common, website issues.

Solutions to fix specific website problems.

Many times our mini engagements will expose an issue on your website that can be fixed with our one-time engagements.

Sometimes, you're already aware of the issue and need an expert to walk you through the process of repairing or preparing for something big (e.g. redesign, new CMS, third-party integration, etc.)

In either case, the below one-time website consulting engagements are meant to solve very specific and common website issues within 2 to 8 weeks without blowing out your marketing budget.

a ProtoFuse Proverb

“Vision without execution is just hallucination.”

– Thomas Jefferson

Types of One-Time Engagements

Start at $1,500 and range from 2 to 8 weeks

SEO for Website Redesigns

Redesigning your website is exciting! Well, it should be. If your SEO isn't planned correctly, excitement could quickly turn into panic after you launch. We'll ensure your redesign doesn't damage rankings & traffic.

Starts at $2,500

SEO Audit Consulting

Seeking a "State of the Union" with your SEO? Our SEO Audit allows us to lift the hood, run the proper diagnostics, and provide a detailed report that shows you what's working, what's not, and how to fix.

Starts at $2,500

SEO Foundations

If you're new to the world of Search Engine Optimization, or you're simply unsure if your site is SEO-friendly, we'll help you build a foundation. Better rankings and quality organic traffic starts with a solid SEO base.

Starts at $5,000

Website Strategy Consulting

If you have big plans for your existing website, but feel handcuffed because it’s dated, piecemealed, or abandoned from another company — this offering is for you. We'll get you from point A to B.

$7,500 to $20,000

Google Loved Content Workshop

Have writers and marketers on your team, but need the “glue” to pull everyone and everything together to form a content plan that’ll be loved by Google?

$3,000 + travel expenses

Google Loved Content Jumpstart

You have writers, but need the strategy, coaching, and data-driven approach to maximize SEO.

If you want your content to be loved by Google, we’ll work with your writers to complete this formula.

$1,500/mo. +

Website Sitemap & Clickable Prototype creation

Sitemapping and Clickable Prototype Website Consulting

One of the most critical foundations of all websites is Information Architecture (IA). Bad IA causes most user failures and impacts usability, findability, SEO, conversion — the list keeps going!

We'll help you design a website sitemap rooted in asking the right questions, data, best practices, and ultimately what's best for both users and your business.

We'll then utilize that sitemap and create a detailed clickable prototype (aka interactive wireframe) of your entire website, defining key templates, features, and specs. Once completed, this prototype can be handed off to your design and development team for execution.

Starts at $3,000

CMS (Content Management System) Advising, Consulting

CMS Migration, Guidance Consulting

Looking to change up your CMS? Not sure what's really involved, how your website will be impacted, or what CMS will be a best fit for your organization?

We'll seek to research and analyze the website's technical needs, user needs, and organization needs. Then, make recommendations, and even provide oversight and guidance as you integrate and go live!


Don't see an engagement?

Woman shrugging not sure of one-time consulting engagement

Have a specific website problem not covered by our one-time engagements?

A Custom Engagement might be a better fit!

Our 6 Promises

We'll bring you pro website experience & results.
And a little fun along the way.

Productive, Action-oriented

Being busy does not necessarily mean we are being productive. We strive to run meetings like Google and Apple. Bureaucratic systems only slow down getting things DONE.

No Jargon

Talking with us shouldn’t remind you of a cartoon businessperson.

We will attempt, at every stage of our process, to talk in layman terms. Fancy-schmancy wording only withholds clarity.


We will treat your investment as if it were our own. Our desire is to maximize your investment to the zenith of its potential to achieve that ROI.

ProtoFuse Proof

Became part of Marketing Department

Robin R headshot

"ProtoFuse essentially became part of our Marketing Department and guided us through developing customer profiles and creating engaging content that is valuable and searchable."

Robin R.
Revere Electric

One-time Engagement FAQs

Have a question on our one-time engagements?

We accept all major credit/debit cards, Paypal, and bank transfers, all payable via Quickbooks.

All engagements will require at least a 50% deposit. The other half is due before the final deliverables are provided.

No worries! These one-time engagements are meant to solve specific common problems we've seen. However, there are no two websites alike — learn more our custom engagements.


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