Professional Website Consulting since 2001

Professional Website Consulting since 2001



Loved by People and Google

Since 2001



Loved by People and Google

Since 2001

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No lipstick on a pig here.
We're focused on actual results.

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Consulting • Advising • Coaching

Need help with your existing website? Planning a new one? Frustrated by your content and Google rankings? Need a pro opinion? Not sure where to begin? We offer multiple ways to help solve small, big, chronic, and sometimes unknown problems. We're your website ally!


Planning • Designing • Optimizing

Though we're not an agency focused on offering design and development execution, we're who you hire to ensure that execution maps to your goals, the website's strategy is on point, and the finished product sets you up for success for years to come.


Supporting • Reporting • Scaling

A high-performing website is not a set it and forget it. We can help you cut through the noise and focus on the most important data month-to-month. These insights help you make improvements so that your website continues to be loved by people & Google!

Website Resources

Here just to learn? We're cool with that.
Use these resources for a better website.


Easy-to-understand articles to help identify issues, fix critical errors, ask yourself the hard questions, improve your website, and generate more quality traffic, sales, & leads!


Quick website How-Tos, Website Deconstructions (showcasing both the good & bad), and Whiteboard sessions meant to unpack complicated topics.

Guides & Checklists

Free downloadable website guides and checklists to make your life a heck of a lot easier, and help your website be loved by people and Google.

Website Tools

There’s an array of website tools, tech, services, and software to choose from today. Here are our recommendations for a better website.

Featured Articles

A few insights that might interest you

Your Value Prop & Website: How to Create and Integrate!

Your Value Prop & Website: How to Create and Integrate!

Your company’s value proposition is arguably the single most important piece of messaging on your website. Learn what a value prop is, why it's important, and how to weave it into your website (hint: it absolutely needs to be on a certain page!)
Modern SEO - 3 Elements that matter most

Modern SEO: The 3 Elements That Matter Most

What modern SEO techniques are going to land you on the first page? Keywords? Backlinks? Unique content? There are 200+ different ranking factors — but if you focus on just 3 main elements, you'll crush Google.
Research on Websites

Research for Websites: You have 2 Types of Data to Use

There are two different types of data you can rely on when planning, designing, and marketing a website: qualitative & quantitative. Here's everything you wanted to know about website research and how to utilize both types of data to make smart website decisions.
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"Our website is drawing in quality organic leads EVERY WEEK!"

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"ProtoFuse gave us more than a new website. They helped us understand our business & customers better than ever before."

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"We're so incredibly happy with our website!"

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Falcon's Creative Group

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"Anyone can slap a website together these days. ProtoFuse creates websites that actually work."

Tom R.
Export Solutions

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