Professional Website Consulting since 2001

Professional Website Consulting since 2001

SEO Audit

Need a SEO “State of the Union”? Our SEO Audit lifts the hood, runs diagnostics, and provides a detailed report showing what’s working, what’s not, and how to improve.

Move away from assumptions with your SEO and onto real understanding

We've all been here before:

  • We think Google likes us.
  • Our organic traffic should be growing.
  • Our competition probably isn't doing much better.

When it comes to your website, these are dangerous assumptions to make without having the data to back it up.

Our Search Engine Optimization Audit service is the perfect fit for companies seeking a third-party analysis for their website's SEO.

5 signs your website needs an SEO Audit

  1. Your organic search traffic is dropping (and you don't know why)
  2. You don't have an accurate or up-to-date view of your keyword rankings
  3. Your organization's leadership is asking: "How is our SEO?"
  4. You're hearing various opinions on what's working and what's not with your SEO
  5. You're ready for the hard truth (it's OK, we'll deliver the news lightly!)

a ProtoFuse Proverb

"89% of people use a search engine to find a product, service or business prior to purchase."

— Fleishman-Hillard

ProtoFuse Proof

500% Increase

Client headshot Tom R.

"In the first 2 years of working with ProtoFuse, our organic traffic increased by 500%."

Tom R.
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The 3 core areas of your SEO we'll run through our audit

  1. Technical Audit. How well is the site structured? Are there server issues? How fast is the site? Canonicalization errors? Mobile-friendly? And much more.
  2. On-Page Audit (including Content). Are your menus SEO friendly? URLs? Using an XML sitemap? Is content optimized? Clear internal linking structure? Proper use of Meta Data? And much more.
  3. Off-Page Audit. What's your domain authority? How's your current incoming organic search traffic? Has Google penalized you? How many websites are linking to you? And much more.

Investment needed & timeline

$2,500 for most websites spanning 2 weeks. Factors that may require more resources:

  • Size of website, number of pages
  • Complexity of website
  • Current algorithm penalties
  • Proper Google Analytics setup & data collection

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20+ Years Website Experience

Friendly, Non-Ego Advice

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"Worth every penny!"

Ferit R.

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