Professional Website Consulting since 2001

Professional Website Consulting since 2001

SEO for Website Redesigns

Redesigning your website should be exciting! But, if your SEO isn’t accounted for and diligently planned, excitement will quickly turn into panic after you launch.

Redesign your website without losing or negatively affecting SEO

We've unfortunately heard this cry for help one too many times:

Why is our SEO tanking?!

You're on the high of a recent new website launch, but strange things start happening. You get fewer and fewer leads and sales every month. Keywords once on the first page, are now unranked. Organic traffic is decreasing.

This type of heartache is completely avoidable.

If you're redesigning your website, and hoping your SEO doesn't get affected negatively, we can help. We'll be your SEO insurance policy by ensuring your redesign doesn't damage rankings & traffic.

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Website redesigns come laced with opportunities to destroy organic rankings & traffic.

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60% growth

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"Their ability to tackle a business they have not worked with before was impressive. My business has grown 60% via organic search traffic!"

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4 Signs you'll need SEO help before or after redesigning your website:

  1. Your website went through major architecture changes (new sections, pages & overall organization)
  2. You're implementing a CMS (Content Management System) or moving to a different one
  3. URLs were added/edited/removed
  4. Content was added/edited/removed

What we do in this engagement

Here are the core SEO activities we'll help plan and execute:

  • Ensure top pages with most rankings/traffic aren't negatively impacted
  • Compare URL structure of old site vs new site
  • Ensure 301 redirects are properly set up
  • Ensure Meta Data (Title & Description) are carried over & reflect new content
  • Fix any Technical SEO fixes
  • Diagnose internal linking issues
  • Compare keyword optimization of old site vs new site
  • Provide SEO Coaching
  • Verify Google Search Console is set up properly

You also get:

  • Access to the ProtoFuse team
  • Unlimited email during our engagement
  • Recommended resources & tools
  • Google Doc Checklist to ensure you don't overlook anything!
SEO for Website Redesign Checklist teaser

This engagement comes with a thorough checklist to help us prepare for your website redesign, or recover from one.

Investment needed & timeline

$2,500 for most websites spanning 2 weeks. Factors that may require more resources:

  • Size of website, number of pages
  • Complexity of website
  • Current algorithm penalties
  • The type of CMS (Content Mgt System) you're running — or not running

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