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Web vs Website differences explanation

Web vs Website: 5 Key Differences

April 2, 2024

Is there a difference between the “Web” (World Wide Web) and a “Website”? Spoiler alert: it’s like telling apart a vast ocean from a single island. Be the smartest one at the digital beach and know how they relate!

How to Improve Website

How to Improve Your Website in 12 Practical Ways

May 20, 2016

Looking for easy-to-understand, actionable tips to improve your website? These 12 practical ways will detail more than the typical generic advice you hear.

Ways a Website Consultant Will Improve Your Website

35 Ways a Web Consultant Can Help

March 10, 2016

Do you need a web consultant? What do they offer? How can they better your website? Here are 35 ways they’ll bring perspective, clarity & actionable advice.

5 Ways a Content Wireframe Makes for Better Contentt

5 Ways a Content Wireframe Makes for Better Content

June 2, 2015

Website content needs careful planning, and wireframing is your content’s greatest ally. By investing in the wireframe process early, you’ll produce better content.

Research on Websites

Research for Websites: You have 2 Types of Data to Use

April 10, 2015

There are two different types of data you can rely on when planning, designing, and marketing a website: qualitative & quantitative. Here’s everything you wanted to know about website research and how to utilize both types of data to make smart website decisions.

How to Design the Structure of a Website with Sitemapping

How to Design the Structure of a Website with Sitemapping in 8 Steps

October 28, 2014

Just like a home builder needs a floor plan, your website needs a sitemap. Here are 8 steps to architecting a sitemap that’ll define the structure of your website so both people, and search engines, understand it well and can use it easily.

Website Budget: How You Can Blow It

Website Budget: How to Manage It, Prevent Going Over

June 25, 2014

Here are 9 ways that your new website could blow your budget. Either there’s “Not Enough”, something was “Unplanned”, or there were “Too Many”.

Website Homepage Design: Best Practices, Mistakes, Examples

Website Homepage Design: Best Practices, Mistakes, Examples

January 6, 2014

Your homepage should be deliberate about its architecture, copy, conversion strategy, and SEO choices. Regardless of company type, industry or offering. Here are 8 critical ingredients.

Website Strategy First

Website Strategy: Why it’s critical and should be done first

April 3, 2013

The success of your website is vastly dependent on HOW your Strategy is executed, WHO contributes, WHAT comes out of it, and WHEN it happens.

How to Manage a Website

How to Manage a Website Well – Tips, Technology, Tactics

February 1, 2013

Creating a website takes a lot of time, money, and people. Without the proper technology, tools, services, and overall organization — things could get dicey quick. Here’s how to keep everyone involved and informed so your website launches successfully!

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